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The Khazaei production group has established more than 10 large and infrastructure companies in the field of producing different and special chicken meat. The company has started its activities with more than 65 years of experience and dispersion in various provinces such as Tehran, Gilan, Mazandaran, Alborz, Hamedan and Kermanshah. It also has started its business activities in the south and Kish Island. In the near future, it is going to work throughout the country.

About us

The company plans to change the Iranian table by examining the health and safety of food, taste and size of slaughtered chickens. The director and owner of this collection believes that food health is possible when production becomes in our control from zero to hundred. Otherwise, genetic changes and genetic manipulations are not something that its recognition can be traced in the country. So, we could do that by much efforts.

Address: Unit 3, No. 48, Tohid Street, Khazaei Production Group

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