Located in the mount base of beautiful Alborz Mountains (Kordan) – This unit is one of the limited fertile egg production units in the provinces of Tehran and Alborz that has been able to survive.

Name of unit  unit number 2 of Kohsar mother chicken farm
Type of activity  fertile egg production
Area  One hundred thousand square meters and also has 4.5 hectares of walnuts gardens which has high pressure gas station and 450 amp high voltage power, and also has two licensed and four-wall water wells
Admission capacity  32,000 male and female chickens
Production capacity  5.5 million fertile egg pieces per course, all courses are in the mother hen house (64 weeks)
Number of employed people  42 people
Address  Tehran highway, after Kordan Bridge, Tehran-Rasht Road, 2 km north to Koy-Bahar, Kohsar mother Chicken Farm
Management  50% ownership of this company is for Mohsen Khazaei, he is 100% investor of egg production
Condition  full capacity and active