This unit was built at high altitudes and above the Great Ghadi Kalay Hills in Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran.

Name of unit  Ghaemshahr cooperative 322/ Ghaemshahr broiler chicken
Production  annual of 800 tons of chicken white meat
Area  20,000 square meters and 2 quarantine units and quarantine plains / 8 halls and 4 control centers | Peach garden
Admission capacity  75,000 one-day broiler chicks, it can also be experienced 6 breeding courses in a year.
Number of employed people  13 people
Address  Great Ghadi Kalay, Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran Province, Ghaemshahr Broiler Chicken Farm 322 (Khazaei)
Access position  Due to building halls at high altitudes and above Ghadi hills, no contamination results in destruction of flock; compliance with health regulations is one of the basic principles of this unit.
Weather  This complex has been constructed in a very clean area in terms of weather; there are no poultry breeding farms, except for rice field, within a few kilometers radius.
Management  50% of the company’s ownership is with Mohsen Khazaei