Name of unit  Simorgh Sabzdaneh Company
Type of activity  the company is active in producing whole organic and natural grains. With possession of necessary lands in Tehran province, Nahavand and Firoozan city, also by contracting with farmers in the region, it is trying to produce a healthy product that is free of any chemicals and poisons. This company produces products only through natural crop (drought cultivation). All of the company’s products are supplied in Dalaho packaging. The company plans to start importing NON GMO and organic grains from other countries.
Address  1st, 2nd and 3rd floors, No. 68, Tohid Street, Tehran
Condition  it is currently inactive and it is changing management and transferring it into Khazaei Group.


The company also has license to distribute livestock and poultry institutions; it has imports and has extensive activities in this field